Colors that brighten your skin, helping your skin look bright and beautiful.

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Nail colors that enhance the skin. What color to apply to your nails will help brighten your skin and make your hands look beautiful, not dull. Let’s see which nail colors that enhance your white skin are the right colors, along with how to choose nail colors that are suitable for your skin.

Girl with yellowish white skin Suitable for warm colors Nude-orange pink nail polish, orange-pink, bright golden brown. Sparkling golden brown or bright colors such as bright red, bright pink

girl with pinkish white skin Actually, you can paint it in every color. But the color that makes white stand out is pinkish-brown. Pink and purple also survive. and cool colors such as blue Or sea green

Girl with dark skin, yellow tone This Thai girl’s skin color Girls with honey-tinted skin like us are best suited for a dark golden brown color. Glimmering golden brown, gold, and bright apple red.

Dark-skinned or red-skinned girls Sunbathing girls with tan skin will stand out and look very elegant. With nude tones of brown in every shade. But be careful not to let the white nude stand out more.

Tips for choosing nail color that suits your skin tone.

White skin uses light-colored nail polish. Dark skin uses dark nail polish – this is the easiest trick to match your nail polish color to your skin. That is, choose the color tone of the nail polish to be in a tone similar to your skin. This is because if white people wear dark nail polish, their skin will appear paler. For people with darker skin, wearing light-colored nails will make the skin duller.

Choose a nail polish color that matches your skin’s undertone – For those of you who really want a nail color that blends in with your skin tone, try looking at our skin’s undertone first, whether it’s a yellow tone or a pink tone. If the tone is yellow, try choosing a cool-toned nail polish color. For pink skin tones, try choosing warm-toned nail polish. To make it a color that is opposite to the skin. It will make your skin color look more prominent. Report by

The darker the nail, the better. The brighter the skin will appear – remember that when the color of our nails is darker, it will make the skin around our nails look brighter and stand out because the skin color is not darker than the nail color itself. So if anyone wants the skin of their hands to look bright. Try choosing a dark colored nail polish. It will definitely work.

Metallic nail paints will make the skin look darker – because the metallic shine will draw out the light around the finger, making it appear lost in the nail. Therefore, it makes the skin look tan or darker.