Healthy Break This break is definitely good

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Healthy Break This break is definitely good.

Office people, when it’s time for a meeting, in addition to the agenda. That needs to prepare, There’s probably food to break. that we should think about A break meal is a meal that increases the opportunity for us to get excess energy from before. Some meals may have equal or even more energy than one main course. Especially the bakery food group. that makes the meeting participants get sugar and excess fat increases Until it becomes too much accumulated energy and becomes abdominal obesity.

Today we would like to present a healthy food break or Healthy Break for the HR department, catering department. Or housewives who are responsible for ทางเข้า ufabet arranging food breaks in the organization, try using them to benefit the health of attendees. Using simple principles: “Control your energy, add dietary fiber, put protein on your plate.

Order to reduce sugar and salt.”

1. Fresh fruit set and partner 

This fruit snack set Fruits can arrange into the size of about 1 fist and paired with protein drinks such as low-fat fresh milk. Lightly sweet soy milk or natural yogurt, this set of food will have approximately 150 – 200 kcal of energy per 1 set. 

2. Dumpling/pao set paired with a lightly sweet drink. 

Dumpling set and steamed buns are examples of popular snacks that many people often serve. This can easily organized into a health set.  

3. Set of high fiber Thai desserts 

Examples of Thai desserts that are high in dietary fiber include 1 steamed banana, about 1 ladle of boiled corn, about 1 ladle of steamed taro or pumpkin. Which may be paired with a little grated coconut to increase the flavor. and has slightly sweet herbal juice Tea without added sugar or black coffee as well If one set can be arranged as follows, the energy will definitely be around 150 kcal.  

4. Set of sandwiches filled with vegetables and water or coffee. 

Sandwiches are a popular snack that many people love. People often choose to use it as a snack. Recommended sandwich fillings include steamed chicken breast, tuna, boiled eggs, or salmon, added with a variety of vegetables. And choose about 1 slice of Whole wheat bread, but if some shops have 2 slices of bread, you may choose that as your breakfast break. In case the attendees who haven’t eaten breakfast have anything to eat in their stomachs. And because a sandwich is a snack. That already provides about 200 kcal of energy, it should be paired with a sugar-free beverage such as water, tea, or black coffee.

5. A set of nuts that are fun to chew. 

For some meetings that are very friendly And it’s not very formal. Try arranging them into different types of mixed nuts. Let there be about 1 fistful of people in the meeting. Peanuts, almonds, pistachios, cashew nuts, macadamia nuts can all arrange according to our budget. And try choosing natural dried beans as well, it’ll be even better. This set can paire with water, tea or coffee. Because nuts generally contain both protein and dietary fiber, plus good fats as well.

6. This brake set is complete. 

This set of brakes can said to complete with exercise. In meetings that involve sitting for more than 1 hour, try changing the break from food to simple exercise. With a simple exercise clip of the Thai people without belly network for a period of 10 -15 minutes, guaranteed if done continuously in every meeting People in our organization will be healthy, refreshed, alert and make meetings more effective.

7. Snack set 

The snack set is Real snacks, that is, there are no breaks if the meeting circle is small. and short-term meetings or too attached to meals In a quorum, just water may be sufficient.