Manchester United of Hoilund has a problem in the back.

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Manchester United striker Rasmus Hoilund £72m is undergoing treatment for a back injury. That is likely to limit his playing time at the start of the season.

The Daily Mail reported results of an MRI scan taken as part of a medical examination last week of the Denmark international striker revealed a reflex point in his back. This could be the beginning of the young striker’s osteoarthritis.

Hoilund was unveiled to United fans ahead of their friendly against Lens at Old Trafford on Saturday. But it may take some time before we see him on the pitch UFABET

The 20-year-old will not feature in Erik ten Hag’s side in the two games of the season against Wolves and Spurs. With some sources at United claiming the problem is more serious than at the club. Revealed after completing his move from Atalanta last week.

The official message from United is that it will take several weeks for Hoilund to continue to fitness due to minor problems in pre-season training against Atalanta. But did not go into detail on that. with the nature of the injury

The Daily Mail learned back problems arose during his medical.

Which led Hoilund to be sent for an MRI. Even if clubs are looking for a second opinion it won’t be uncommon to make a big move.

Marcus Rashford has missed months of the 2019-20 season during the COVID-19 pandemic. After 2 back injuries, but Hoilund is not yet at that stage. The club is confident that he will return to full fitness.

United confirmed after an intensive medical examination on Hoilund that there were no underlying problems with his back. And all he needed was a little break.

Hoilund’s initial response to an MRI last week was to give Hoilund more time to improve his fitness. and reassures the player that he is a long-term, no-rush contract.

However, sources outside the club have told the Daily Mail the injury needs to be dealt with carefully. And suggested it was unlikely that Hoilund could play twice a week at some point. for fear that the problem will develop into fractures which leads to chronic injury.