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Triglycerides High blood fat, what to do?

  Triglycerides It is a fat particle synthesized by the liver to be used as a source of energy for the body. This means that even if we are still not eating high fat foods. The body will still produce triglycerides. Normally, blood triglyceride levels should be less than

What is trans fats?

Trans fats are a type of fatty acid. It is an unsaturated fatty acid. Trans fats can be found naturally. Especially the fat in ruminant meats such as cows and buffaloes (including milk from these two animals). Because these animals have enzymes that react with unsaturated fatty acids. This

How Much Vitamin C Should You Take for Each Age?

          Although vitamins are useful. But if you want to take extra vitamin C from the food you normally eat. It’s not about how much you can eat. Therefore, each age should eat how much vitamin C. Let’s see.           * Children under 15 years old need 30-50 milligrams of vitamin

Foods to help you “excretion” in the morning.

I believe that there are many people who have constipation problems and excretion is not time. Which today we have helpers that will make you excrete easily and more time in the morning. Which is considered good for health and body. So let’s go see what’s there. Drink water as soon

Slot Machine Tips

Slot Machine Tips , There are two important things to remember to win in a slot machine. Both are discussed in the World Player Slot section , They choose UFABET . The former are some of the simple game strategies discussed on this page. While

Online Sports Betting Tips For Beginners

Online Sports Betting Tips For Beginners. This is a general trend and does not mean online bettors automatically lose their bets. In the course of the NFL season, sharp bettors follow certain guidelines. Such as the actions of professional analysts making recommendations for action compared to

Get to know Advanced Baccarat Betting Strategy

Advanced Baccarat Betting Strategy Get to know Advanced Baccarat Betting Strategy. Advanced Strategy in Baccarat is also known as the High Roller strategy because it requires players to use well thought out tactics and have a fairly solid bankroll. In short, the Advanced Strategy 1

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Get to know Online Blackjack Strategy

Get to know Online Blackjack Strategy. Blackjack strategy will teach you that this game is not all about getting as close to or hitting 21. It’s great if you can do that, but your main task is to beat the dealer. This knowledge will help