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Properties of eggplant.

The properties of eggplant aside from being delicious and making many dishes. Eggplant is also a healthy vegetable that has many good benefits. 1. Helps with excretion.          Is a vegetable that has about 3-5% fiber, which is considered a vegetable that is high enough in fiber

The properties of okra.

Tasty vegetables like okra In addition to being used to make a variety of food menus. The properties of okra are also extremely good for health, did you know? * Helps in excretion.           Okra has a unique mucilage and contains both soluble and insoluble fiber. This property

Edamame What are the benefits?

What are the benefits of edamame? People who often pick it up to eat and play with regularly Stop by and see the properties of edamame.           Benefits of edamame. There are good properties as follows.ทางเข้า UFABET 1. Rich in many vitamins and minerals

What are phytosterols?

 Phytosterols are important components in plant cell walls. It has a structure and function similar to cholesterol in animal tissues. That is phytosterols affect the stability of plant cell walls. The more phytosterols a plant has the better. The stronger the plant cell wall, the stronger it will

Triglycerides High blood fat, what to do?

  Triglycerides It is a fat particle synthesized by the liver to be used as a source of energy for the body. This means that even if we are still not eating high fat foods. The body will still produce triglycerides. Normally, blood triglyceride levels should be less than

What is trans fats?

Trans fats are a type of fatty acid. It is an unsaturated fatty acid. Trans fats can be found naturally. Especially the fat in ruminant meats such as cows and buffaloes (including milk from these two animals). Because these animals have enzymes that react with unsaturated fatty acids. This

How Much Vitamin C Should You Take for Each Age?

          Although vitamins are useful. But if you want to take extra vitamin C from the food you normally eat. It’s not about how much you can eat. Therefore, each age should eat how much vitamin C. Let’s see.           * Children under 15 years old need 30-50 milligrams of vitamin

Foods to help you “excretion” in the morning.

I believe that there are many people who have constipation problems and excretion is not time. Which today we have helpers that will make you excrete easily and more time in the morning. Which is considered good for health and body. So let’s go see what’s there. Drink water as soon