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Spinach Soup Recipe.

Spinach Soup Recipe This is another soup menu that you should try. Because it is not difficult to do and has great health benefits. Spinach is a super nutritious vegetable that is rich in vitamin A, magnesium, calcium, protein and dietary fiber. Rich in antioxidants It is

Properties of eggplant.

The properties of eggplant aside from being delicious and making many dishes. Eggplant is also a healthy vegetable that has many good benefits. 1. Helps with excretion.          Is a vegetable that has about 3-5% fiber, which is considered a vegetable that is high enough in fiber

The properties of okra.

Tasty vegetables like okra In addition to being used to make a variety of food menus. The properties of okra are also extremely good for health, did you know? * Helps in excretion.           Okra has a unique mucilage and contains both soluble and insoluble fiber. This property