Antioxidants With colorful vegetables and fruits

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Antioxidants With colorful vegetables and fruits.

The body gets some of its antioxidants from the food it eats. which colorful vegetables and fruits It is a food that is rich in phytochemicals (Phytochemicals) That have biological effects. This gives vegetables and fruits a unique color, smell, and taste. These phytochemicals are good anti-oxidants. That helps the various systems of the body work in balance.

Red/pink-purple fruits contain lycopene (Lycopene) and Betalain (Betalain).

Green fruits, in addition to containing chlorophyll, (Chlorophyll) and also contains lutein (Lutin).

Blue/purple fruits contain anthocyanin. (Anthocyanin) and polyphenol group (Polyphenol)

White/brown fruits contain flavonoids (Flavonoid).

Yellow / orange fruits contain beta-carotene. (Beta-carotene)

Add antioxidants By adjusting behavior

When we know that the environment and lifestyle. It is an important factor that causes the creation of free radicals within the body. Changing lifestyle habits Therefore it is one method. That will help create anti-oxidant substances.

Turn to take care and pay attention to your health. eat good food It is beneficial in the right amount to reduce, stop, and quit drinking alcoholic beverages. and smoking Then exercise regularly, but not too hard, and get adequate, quality sleep and reduce stress.

Free Radical Damage

Free radicals are believed to be behind degenerative process in the body including ageing, DNA damage, chronic disease and inflammation.

Many substances are also able ทางเข้า ufabet to produce free radicals, including food, environmental chemicals like air pollution or tobacco smoke, burnt or charred foods, intense exercise, chronic stress, chemical-based household and beauty products and even sunlight.

Plant Pigments

Many antioxidants function as plant pigments, where their role is to provide protection for the plant from its own free radicals, microbes, ultraviolet light and to prevent it being eaten insect pests.

Looking at the colour of a fruit or vegetable gives us a clue that it contains a certain level of antioxidants, even if its colour does not always tell us exactly what kind of antioxidant it contains. Most plant foods contain many different antioxidants.